12"/13" Walk Behind Trencher

Location: Mohali, Punjab

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  • Rental Security: $120.00
  • Brand: Ground Hog
  • Model: T-4H
  • Product Code: 2
  • Condition: New
  • Available Date: Jun-18-2024 Jun-17-2024
  • Dimensions: 13 x 12 x 12 CMs
  • COD (cash on delivery): Available
  • Minimum Rental Duration: 10 Day(s)
This 12"/13" Walk Behind Trenched allows you to reach maximum digging depths of 13". This trencher weighs up to 270 lbs., walk-behind trenchers are a great solution for working in close quarters. This trencher is powered by an air-cooled gas engine with hydrostatic drive for smooth operation. It is important to wear eye protection while using this model.

Products are subject to availability.
Make E-Z Trench Ground Hog Vermeer
Model EZ9100 T-4H RT60
Engine 6.5 HP Honda 5.5 HP Honda 6 HP
Max Trench Depth 13 " 12 " 12 "
Overall Width 31 " 24 " 24 "
Weight 250 lbs 230 lbs 270 lbs
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Last updated Jan-17-2023

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